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Sample the Season | Eat Fresh, Eat Local

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Sample the Season

May 19 | Noon
What kind of fruits and vegetables should you expect when you arrive at an Illinois farmers market? Learn how to prepare these fruits and vegetables, and get inspiration for ways to use them at the dinner table. You’ll discover the art of menu planning, and take away new recipes to try!
Presenter: Jenna Smith

Attend other sessions in the Eat Fresh, Eat Local series

Wednesdays just got better with this healthy eating series from University of Illinois Extension. Join us at noon for a 30-minute discussion on eating fresh while supporting local community growers. Come with questions for our panel of nutrition experts. If you will need an accommodation in order to participate, please email Diane Reinhold, Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet your access needs

Community Supported Agriculture Subscription Services

April 21 | Noon
CSA, short for Community Supported Agriculture, is a subscription-based service for buying from local farmers. Learn more about different styles of CSA, produce availability, and tips for eating local with your CSA share.
Presenter: Caitlin Mellendorf

What to Expect at Farmers Markets

June 16 | Noon
Tempted to go to the Farmers Market, but not sure why or how? Learn why it’s better for you and your local economy to shop at the Farmers Market first! Get to know the farmer who grows the food. Learn the ins and outs of shopping at the market: when to go, what to buy, what to bring.
Presenter: Mary Liz Wright

Preserve like a Pro

July 21 | Noon
Are you planning on preserving your garden’s bounty? This session will cover the pros and cons of canning, freezing, drying and fermenting your favorite foods. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of which food preservation method to use and where to find reputable resources.
Presenter: Kristin Bogdonas

Storing Your Bountiful Harvest

August 18 | Noon
After a bountiful summer harvest, you will want to ensure your fresh fruits and vegetables are properly stored and can be enjoyed for months to come. Learn how to cure squash and the best conditions for storing your root vegetables, winter squash, and apples.
Presenter: Diane Reinhold