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It's a Buggy World

The damage from insect pests is staggering.

Insect pests spread diseases in both humans and animals, destroy crops and gardens, damage forest trees, destroy building structures, and create nuisances. The cost of invasive insects is estimated at more than $70 billion. Another $6.9 billion is spent on treating health issues caused by insects. Illinois Extension can help you lessen the impact of harmful insects with easy-to-understand, research-based practices to minimize the risks associated with bugs and insects. 

Don't judge all bugs with the same lens.

Only 1% to 3% of insect species are harmful. That leaves a lot of bugs that help humans by preying on pests and pollinating plants. Do you know which are which? Before you squash that bug under your foot, check Extension's Beneficial Insect website. Nearly a third of the food we eat needs a pollinator's help to grow. Ensure you're doing all you can to protect life's helpful insects.

Start by uncovering what bug you have

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