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Quarterly Companion

Quarterly Companion is a great resource for everyone, especially those who want information in larger type and fun activities to keep their brains alert. We all need a companion that "gets" us. We're here for you.

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Gardeners Corner

Gardeners Corner is a quarterly newsletter from the Illinois Extension team of horticulture experts. Each issue highlights seasonal recommendations that will make your houseplants, landscape, or garden shine in any season.

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Home, Yard, and Garden

Get the latest information on ways to keep your lawn and garden safe from pests and disease.

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Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News

Condition changes could be costly to your specialty crop business. The Illinois Fruit & Vegetable Newsletter gives practical production advice you can use today to improve your farming operation. From pest management to marketing advice, Illinois Extension experts help you meet the challenges that impact your profit and product. 

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Illinois pesticide review

Illinois Pesticide Review

Concise information on legislation, regulations, and other developments directly impacting pesticide use in Illinois.

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farmdoc Daily

Get daily news that impacts your farm, business, industry, organizations, and the world.

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